FILLING YOUR WELLNESS WELL: 8 Weeks to Your Optimal Health, Vitality, and Immunity

Do you want more energy? Would you like to create peacefulness and calm "on-demand"? Do you feel confused because you "eat well", yet you don't feel well? Are you experiencing body aches and pains? This program is the perfect self-health program for you! Experience how you can treat yourself using the self-care tools of Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine addresses both your physical and emotional concerns because it addresses the root of your symptoms. In Chinese Medicine, everyone is treated in an individualized way....meaning everyone needs different foods, exercises, and lifestyle guidance! You will learn how to look at yourself with this lens and have a whole new understanding of yourself! You will know what to do to help you feel well! This program is like a Choose Your Own Adventure (the health version!). You will learn ways to use your mind to create ease in your body. I've included at least 4 hypnosis recordings to support your health, nutrition, sleep, and pain control. In Chinese Medicine there are daily energetic phases each person transitions through to be balanced and healthy. You will observe how you move through these phases and how aligned with nature's rhythms you are. We breathe. Breathing exercises are an amazing tool to shift us into a physical and mental state of calm. What foods are right for you? Using your self-observation, you will know which foods support your health and which foods don't (Note: not all "healthy" foods are healthy for everyone!). Which movements and exercises are most appropriate for you? We will learn Qi Gong routines for increased flow and balance in your body. I also included 2 Bonuses! One is a section on women's reproductive health. The second is about men's reproductive health.

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