Are you ready to start creating health, ease, and joy in your life? Let's begin! 

In this self-paced online program, I guide you in self-observations that reveal how your unique body needs to be supported and what is blocking you from having optimal health, vitality, comfort, and immunity ... then I guide you through the exact foods, exercises, and lifestyle changes that will support YOUR unique body and increase your overall health.

Based firmly in the framework of Chinese Medicine, you will uncover the customized plan perfect for YOU!

Chinese Medicine has a 2,000 year history of preventive health self-care practices. Keeping you well is the goal of every Chinese Medicine practitioner. 

This may be a new area of thought for you....and I hope your open mind and open heart leads you to join me in exploring this effective avenue of healing!

You found this program for a reason and I am excited to help you - let's get started! 



 Every human will benefit from this content :) Yes, really!

If you are a female who still experiences a menstrual cycle or wants to increase fertility, I do recommend my other programs that have added content for reproductive health found here.

However, every human of any age, gender, physical condition, or emotional state of being will benefit from this. Whether you are presently very healthy or if you are recovering from an illness, this information is equally appropriate for you. Wherever you are in life, you will benefit. 

If you have ever wanted a "Guide to Living" -- then this is it! 

Just as it is impossible to describe to someone what swimming in the ocean feels like (or any other similarly exhilarating experience), it really is impossible for me to describe in words how great you feel using the practices in the program. Only by experiencing them can you understand. I invite you to this experience! 

**Note: I've recently been calling the program my COVID CARE program. I have a member of this program who contacted me to tell me how she used this information during her illness. And in August I also was ill with COVID and I can 100% verify that I used the practices in this program to help me get through the sickest days AND to help my recovery. This information is more valuable than ever at this point in our history.**

Watch the video below to get an overview of why this program is perfect for everyone. 

The only side effect of the program is FEELING AMAZING :)


Feel ease and clarity in how to improve your overall well-being (physical health, state of mind, energy levels, immunity, healing ability, etc). 

I am SO EXCITED to share this information and self-care practices with you!

Even if you were to see me in person for 1 hour of acupuncture a week, how you treat your body for the other 167 hours of that week is WAAY more important. I created this program because I noticed how dramatically improved my patients get when they practice all these self-care actions in their daily life. THIS information is really valuable. That is why you get all these videos and over 100 pages of notes to download. 

Plus, COVID-19 has changed healthcare. It has led many of us to really want to take charge of our health and take self-care action to prevent illness. Also, it may be harder to access health practitioners, and you may be hesitant to go to their offices.

With this program you are empowered to take charge of your own health from the safety and comfort of your own home! 

Often when patients come in to see me they feel soo confused and frustrated by their symptoms. Whether it is back pain, or digestive issues, or autoimmune conditions...whatever it may be, the common emotion is confusion.  

They have been to many doctors...they have googled endlessly..... friends have told them "what worked for them" ... they collect a lot of information and tips on how to manage their symptoms,  but they have no idea if any of the "advice" is actually suitable for them.

Essentially they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at their body leads to upset, frustration, and a negative emotional spiral. 


Get ready to feel happy, joyful, excited, hopeful, and clear on what is going on in your body and how to help yourself. 

With this program, there will be no more need to scour the internet, getting more confused.

Throughout this program you will be doing self-observation to get to the root of what you are experiencing ... and then based on what you learn and discover about yourself, you will be able to KNOW what is best for you and YOUR unique body. 

You will be empowered!

You will be using effective, time-tested self-care practices that have been used for thousands of years to create better health!

This program is extremely educational yet also very fun!  We do activities together that help you understand how to communicate with your body and know what your body is telling you.

From your emotional state... to your physical sensations... to what your tongue looks will learn so much about yourself (!) AND be provided with tools and guidance about which self-care activities are best for you. 

I even made sure that all the information is so easy to follow! I make everything super clear.

Everything is (1) easy to understand (2) practical to do and (3) FUN! 


How does this help you increase health, energy, and immunity ...and reduce stress and pain? 

- There are 9 modules and 3 Bonus sections. Each module builds upon the previous and they are meant to be viewed in order. However, you can go through the program at your own pace. You use signs of your body to show you that your body is changing and improving over time to know it is all working!

-We start by looking at you as the whole person you are. While you may be interested in healing a particular symptom or pain you experience, that one issue cannot be treated effectively in isolation. You aren't just your shoulder or stomach or blood test result. In Chinese Medicine we see you in the larger context and, through self-observation, you will be able to figure out "how you are". Once you know how you are, you will have a clear plan of action on how to support yourself to create the best vitality, health, and mental peace. 

-Practical insights and traditional guidance on how to live in balance and aligned with nature for optimal health and wellness. Just as our external world has seasons and cycles, our bodies have natural rhythms and cycles. In our modern age, it is easy to live in a way where we disregard our natural rhythms and this throws our body out of balance. This will provide a roadmap and guidebook on ways to adjust your lifestyle to be more balanced physically and emotionally. 

-5 hypnosis and guided imagery recordings (Increase Health and Your Healing Ability, BodyMind: What Is Your Symptom Telling You?,  Healing Wisdom and Inner Guidance on What You Need to Heal, Sleep Well, and Erase Physical Pain Instantly).  These work to heal your physical body, heal your emotional body, and help you maintain calm, peace, and relaxation throughout life

- Ancient breathing exercises that create better blood flow and circulation and instantly calm your mind

-How to get amazing sleep! 

-The role bowel elimination has on health...and ways to be more regular.

- What foods to eat based on what you have been observing about your body. We go into the topic of food in-depth. Chinese Nutritional Therapy is a main branch of Chinese Medicine. Many times, what is a "healthy diet" in our modern diet may not be what is best for your body when you see yourself through the lens of Chinese Medicine! Find out which foods energetically support your health! All foods discussed are common to our US food supply and foods you are familiar with. 

- Qi Gong (pronounced chee gong) is therapeutic movement  for increased health! Just as yoga came from India's traditional healing system, Qi Gong is the healing movement practice that came from China's traditional healing system. Qi Gong is different from yoga in that with Qi Gong you remain standing or seated and no special clothes or equipment is required so you can literally practice Qi Gong absolutely anywhere at any time (and I have - even at the grocery store before! lol). So it has similar healing benefits as yoga, but I find Qi Gong to be way more accessible and easy to integrate into life. Especially if mobility is a concern for you, Qi Gong can be adapted easily to any physicality.  I have six 30 minute routines Qi Gong included to balance your body and mind. 

AND I wrote the companion notes to be collected into a binder so at the end, you have a complete reference book that is over 100 pages. I told you I go in-depth! :)  

Also, I am here to support you! Because you probably have questions that other people also have, I will be recording Q&A sessions to answer questions you submit to me via email at [email protected] 


Ancient, Time Tested Health Practices

From the beginnings of Chinese Medicine over 2,000 years ago, preventing disease was the focus. Each village had a doctor and he would get paid when the village was healthy, because that meant he was educating everyone in how to live healthily and eat properly. When a village was experiencing illness, the doctor was not paid because it meant he was neglecting his duty to teach self-care. 

Come join me in practicing these amazingly effective, yet easy, self-care tools. 

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What value does this include? 

- Hours of valuable self-observation guidance so you can understand your body on a very deep level and you feel peace, joy, and hope knowing what is happening with your body. I say this is PRICELESS ! However, to put a number on it, this is the equivalent of seeing me for acupuncture at least 7 times ($950 Value)

- 6 hypnosis/guided meditations that address different aspects of healing. Again, I think these are PRICELESS, but putting a number on it, these would be ($450 Value)

-Detailed Chinese Nutritional Therapy Information. Learning what to eat for your unique situation is THE GAME CHANGER with most of my patients. Food is Medicine and knowing how to use the correct foods to heal your imbalances is HUGE. I say this is PRICELESS. To put a number to it ($500 Value)

- 6 Qi Gong Routines plus so much extra content! Remember, Qi Gong is the healing therapeutic movement in Chinese Medicine that is similar to how yoga is the therapeutic movement of India's healing system. Qi Gong is very powerful, but doesn't require you to change your clothes, have flexibility or bend in twisty ways. It's great!! Again, I say this is PRICELESS, but all this is ($850 Value) 


So, just skimming the surface of the content of the program we have: 

$950 + $450 + $500 + $850= $3,550 TOTAL VALUE


And you are getting ALL of this priceless content for not even the regular price of $147! 

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I even have a $37/month payment plan. That is investing in just a bit more than $1 in yourself a day! You are worth investing way more than that in yourself! This is a no brainer. 

I really want to help you move forward in your journey! Come on in and join me and start your way forward into your new life now!