In this online course you get clear action steps to regulate your menstrual cycle...


Menstrual issues are one of the primary reasons patients come to my clinic. Chinese Medicine has so many effective and valuable tools to support women's health and I am SO EXCITED to share so much information and so many self-care practices with you here, where I can guide you step by step in a clear and comprehensive way.

COVID-19 has changed healthcare. It may be harder to access specialists, and you may be hesitant to go to their office.

With this program you are empowered to take charge of your own health from the safety and comfort of your own home! 

This program is the female part of my complete fertility program called Creating Fertility.

This program, Cycle Well, is for women who wish to regulate their menstrual cycles and ease symptoms such as heavy bleeding, cramps, irregular periods, etc.

I do speak about optimizing fertility in this program, and if you are with a male partner and trying to conceive, I strongly recommend you purchase the Creating Fertility program because I cover all the female reproductive health information from this course PLUS male fertility. Very frequently male fertility also needs to be supported when couples are trying to conceive. 

This program, Cycle Well, focuses on female health.

Often when women come in to see me for menstrual and fertility issues, they say they feel so very confused.

From friends offering "help" googling endlessly.... there is a lot of information out there, but none of it is presented in a clear, cohesive framework.

But THIS is! 

With this program, there will be no more need to scour the internet, getting more confused (in fact in the second video I talk about why to stop listening to the friendly "advice")!

This program is like a Choose Your Own Adventure. You will be doing self-observation... and then based on what you learn and discover about yourself, you will be able to choose what is best for you and YOUR unique body. 

You will be empowered!

You will be using effective, ancient, time-tested self-care practices of Chinese Medicine to ceate better fertility, easier menstrual cycles, and increased overall health!

Acupuncture is so popular now because it has such a strong reputation for helping female health! 

This program is extremely educational yet also very fun!  We do activities together that help you understand how to communicate with your body and know what your body is telling you.

From your emotional state... to your menstrual cycle... to what your tongue looks will learn so much about yourself (!) AND be provided with tools and guidance about which self-care activities are best for you. 

You will learn about your reproductive system from both a Western science perspective AND a Chinese Medicine perspective. I cover both sides! 

But even the hormone and anatomy information is so easy to follow! I make everything super clear.

I make everything (1) easy to understand (2) practical and (3) FUN! 


What tools will we use to regulate and create flow in your menstrual cycle? 

-Self-care practices for finding emotional balance and how to live aligned with nature for optimal health and wellness.

-Five hypnosis and guided imagery recordings for healing your physical body and healing your emotional body.

- Basal Body Temperature tracking that is CLEAR and easy to interpret. In Chinese Medicine we know exactly how to make sense of what temperatures mean when they don't follow the ideal pattern and MORE IMPORTANTLY, we have ways to correct imbalances that show up! It is common for women to have so much confusion about what their apps are telling them. We will clearly know what is happening with your hormones and menstrual cycle. All data is in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

- Ancient breathing exercises that create blood flow and circulation in your reproductive system and tone your pelvic floor

- Essential Oils for the different presentations of menstrual cycles (I will NEVER treat you like a one size fits all!) 

-We discuss endocrine disrupting chemicals

- Getting familiar with anatomy and hormones and "how it all works" (Trust me, there is lots that is good to know that you may not). 

-The role sleep has on your cycle

-The role proper bowel elimination has on your cycle

- What foods to eat based on what you have been observing about your body. We go into the topic of food in-depth. Chinese Nutritional Therapy is a main branch of Chinese Medicine. Many times, what is called "healthy" in our modern diet may not be what is best for your body when you see yourself through the lens of Chinese Medicine. Find out which foods energetically support your fertility! All foods discussed are common to our US food supply and foods you are familiar with. 

-Which foods support each phase of the menstrual cycle

-Supplements that I get asked about in my practice. I am not a gung-ho supplement person because your foods should nourish you! However, I go over when it may be best to avoid certain ones and when they may be of help. 

- Which exercises support your unique menstrual situation

- Qi Gong (therapuetic movement) for increased reproductive health! I have six routines of therapeutic movement included to balance your body, mind, and enhance your reproductive system. 

AND I wrote the companion notes to be collected into a binder so at the end, you have a complete reference manual that is about 180 pages long. I told you I go in-depth! :)  

Also, I am here to support you! Because you probably have questions that others do, I will be recording Q&A sessions to answer questions you submit to me via email. 


Ancient, Time Tested Female Health Practices

From the beginnings of Chinese Medicine over 2,000 years ago, women were studied as unique from men. Some of the earliest texts are on women's reproductive health. This long history means we have many interventions and ways of supporting women's health. 

Who Can Benefit From This Program 

If you are a female of menstruating age that has irregular cycles or other menstrual symptoms, this course is for you! If you are a female planning to conceive within the next 5 years, this program is for you. Honestly, the more you pay attention to getting your body balanced, the better your egg quality will be. Eggs begin maturing a full year before being used in a menstrual cycle. Our reproductive systems take time to balance. 

In Chinese Medicine, we say that it takes 3 months to create reproductive health changes. This means this program is best for people who will have at least 3 months before trying to conceive or before undergoing IUI or IVF.  

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Here is the course outline. The length of each video is listed after the title. 

I. Introduction (17:46)

II. Cycles!

  1. Our Natural Cycles and Hormones (33:17)
  2. Observing Your Cycles! (21:01)

 III. Mind-Body Connection Tools

  1. Creating Peacefulness On Demand (4:26)
  2. Peacefulness On Demand - Breathing in New Ways (27:26)
  3. Peacefulness on Demand - Breathing for Reproductive Health (29:36)
  4. Peacebody on Demand - The Mind (19:56)
  5. Peacebody On Demand - Experiencing the Power of Your Mind (8:40)
  6. Recordings  (6 Hypnosis Recordings Focusing on Reproductive Health)

IV. A New Perspective on Yourself: Chinese Medicine

  1. The Context of Chinese Medicine 
  2. What is YIN and YANG? (27:46)
  3. How Qi Flows In Your Body (13:06)
  4. How Do We Create Our Internal Environment? (20:57)
  5. How Yin and Yang Show Up In The Body (13:08)
  6. Exploring YOUR Unique Internal Environment (23:34)

BONUS Section: Creating Flow and Balance with Nature's Cycles

1. The Five Phases of Life (16:05)

2. Five Phase Emotional Balancing Techniques (25:43)

3. Your Five Phase Personality Type (21:25)

4. Our Daily Energetic Clock (5:36)

5. Final Thoughts on Mindset (27:47)

 V. Let's Journey Into Your Body!

  1. Female Structure (17:22)
  2. Female Hormones - Ideally (11:50)
  3. Female Cycle Put Together! (16:05)

VI. Your (real life) Cycle Type!

  1. What Is Your Real Life Menstrual Cycle Experience? (17:48)        
  2. Essential Oils to Regulate Your Real Life Menstrual Cycle (24:49)
  3. Cycle Disruptors and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (26:16)

 VII. Regulating Rest and Elimination

  1. Getting Deep, Restorative Sleep (15:46)               
  2. Clearing Our Bowels for Hormonal Health (6:48)

 VIII. Fertility Friendly Foods!

  1. Setting the Table (24:08)           
  2. Beverages & Cravings (11:21)             
  3. Food Quality = Qi Filled!  (19:03)             
  4. Fertility Friendly Foods - General Overview!  (19:21)
  5. Foods For Each Cycle Phase  (11:09)
  6. Step Away From These Foods  (21:41)              

 IX. Supplements

  1. Support for Women  (8:56)

 X.Let's Move!

  1. Movement! (8:46)
  2. Qi Gong Introduction (8:01)
  3. Feeling Your Qi (37:57)
  4. Five Element Flow (31:39)
  5. Healing Sounds (31:30)
  6. Healing Sounds Sitting Practice (27:09)
  7. Five Elements and Healing Sounds Combined (22:25)
  8. Pulling it Together: Qi Gong Practice for Reproductive Health (34:58)

  XII. BBT Results - Let's See What is Happening!

  1. Looking at Phase 1- The Menstrual Flow (25:37)
  2. Looking at Phase 2 - The Follicular Phase   (22:40)      
  3. Looking at Phase 3  - Ovulation (16:43)           
  4. Looking at Phase 4   - Luteal Phase   (17:55)         
  5. What to Do for Balance Plus Chinese Herbal Formulas for Support

Let's Get Started! 

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