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Chinese Medicine has amazing self-care resources for all your health concerns!

Whether you have aches and pains, stress and anxiety, want to increase your fertility or recover postpartum...

these fun, engaging online programs are perfect for you because Chinese Medicine gets to the root of your issue. It isn't a "quick fix" medicine, but rather a "get to the bottom of the problem" medicine. 

And, the best part is that here you will get the tools to be empowered to heal yourself! 

The face of medicine has changed since COVID19. Take charge of your body and discover these self-health practices! 

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What to expect from these programs:

You will gain a new and unique perspective on your health and how you understand your body and emotions. You will be looking at yourself as an acupuncturist would and you will gain clarity about how adjust your foods, exercise, lifestyle based on the philosophies of Chinese Medicine. 

These online programs provide knowledge and action steps which allow you to create all the healing benefits of acupuncture for yourself anytime! And without needles!  

From physical pains to emotional stresses, you will uncover the root of "WHY" your symptoms are showing up. 

There is an ancient saying that goes: "Don't start digging your well when you are already dying of thirst." Many of us ignore our health until we have a serious issue.

Using effective, time-tested, preventive self-care practices of Chinese Medicine, you will be empowered to create a life that leads to a very deep and full wellness well !!

Mind & Body

All programs address both the emotional and physical aspects of your health journey.

Practical & Actionable

All programs provide you with effective and practical self-care tools to navigate your health journey. And they are fun!

While all my courses are jam-packed with information and education, my main intention is to provide you with insight on what you can DO and which lifestyle actions are appropriate for your individual body. 


Find Your Unique Path Forward

All programs are rooted firmly in the comprehensive framework of Chinese Medicine, an ancient medicine that has withstood time due to its profound effectiveness. 

Part of its effectiveness is the knowledge that each person needs to be treated as the unique individual they are. 

In my programs, you learn how to observe your body and symptoms so that you can implement the lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise guidance that is most appropriate for YOU. 

3 Available Programs

Brief overviews below, see the Store page for more details.

1) Fill Your Wellness Well! 

Do you live "healthy" yet still feel "off"? Do you wonder how you can begin to create a healthier life tailored to your unique body? Do you experience stress and anxiety and want to learn how to create calm and ease instantly anytime? Do you want to learn tools that empower you to manage your own physical body pains and symptoms? 

Welcome to Filling Your Wellness Well! Create more health and vitality now! This program provides a comprehensive and cohesive way to create health.

Chinese Medicine is a complete system of medicine and this program shares with you how to observe yourself through the lens of Chinese Medicine to know which foods are best for you, which exercises are most supportive of you, how you can ease your own physical pains and symptoms...and so much more! It is a toolkit on how to create more balance and alignment in your physical and emotional body so that your Wellness Well is deep and full! 

The program is fun, easy to follow, practical, actionable, and accessible to anyone of any age! 

See the Store page to watch a webinar to learn more! 

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2) CREATING FERTILITY! A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Fertility For BOTH Women & Men

Are you having fertility challenges and feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the random information on the internet? Let me help you! I've worked with many many couples over the years to successfully concieve. Chinese Medicine is a complete system of medicine that gives you a concrete, clear, path forward on what will help YOU as a unique person improve your fertility.

Chinese Medicine has a very rich tradition of reproductive health; from its beginnings over 2,000 years ago, women were observed as the unique beings they were. This very comprehensive program teaches both women and men how to observe themselves to then know which lifestyle, food, exercise, and other actions would support their fertility. There are not many (or any) other programs that talk about how to fully support men's fertility. With fertility, the process is 50% the woman and 50% the man and this program helps you BOTH take actions to create better fertility!

In the program we cover all aspects of fertility from the mental stresses to hormones to foods. I teach you how to observe yourself so you know clearly what is heppening in your body and how to address it. 

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3) Cycle Well! A Reproductive Health Program for Women

This information is the female parts of Creating Fertility. It is appropriate for women who are pursuing fertility treatments without a male partner and for women who wish to regulate their menstrual cycles naturally. 

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*COMING SOON!* Watering Your Seed: Chinese Medicine Self-Care During Pregnancy!

This program will cover Chinese Medicine's self-care recommendations per trimester and month and by month. 


*Coming Soon!* Re-Creating Your Well with Postpartum Care!

Tools to re-create your physical body, energy, and emotional health during the postparum time! 

Coming Soon!

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