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Learn how to care for your unique body, creating a perfectly customized health plan based on your self-observations.  Experience the exact self-care practices, foods, and exercises to increase emotional balance, energy, and immunity (plus fertility for women and men using my fertility courses)  .... and eliminate stress, pain, and sickness. 

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These fun, interactive, engaging programs are perfect for you because Chinese Medicine gets to the root of your issues.

The face of medicine has changed since COVID19. Take charge of your body and discover how these ancient healing practices will help you thrive and stay healthy now. 

There is an ancient saying that goes: "Don't start digging your well when you are already dying of thirst. Dig your well before you feel thirst." Many of us ignore our health until we have a serious issue.

With these time-tested self-care practices, you will be empowered to create a life that leads to a very deep and full wellness well !!

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