"Don't wait to start digging your well until you're already dying of thirst."

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Heal from home with these online self-health programs!

You will experience yourself from a new unique perspective on your health, understanding your body and emotions through the lens of Chinese Medicine!

These online workshops are all the healing benefits of acupuncture, without the needles! 

From physical pains to emotional stresses, these programs help you understand the root WHY of your symptoms.

Using effective, time-tested practices of Chinese Medicine, you will create a lifestyle that leads to a very deep and full wellness well !!

Mind & Body

All programs address both the emotional and physical aspects of your health journey.

Practical & Actionable

All programs provide you with effective and practical self-care tools to navigate your health journey. And they are fun!

While all my courses are jam-packed with information and education, my main intention is to provide you with insight on what you can DO and which lifestyle actions are appropriate for your individual body. 


Find Your Unique Path Forward

All programs are rooted firmly in the comprehensive framework of Chinese Medicine, an ancient medicine that has withstood time due to its profound effectiveness. 

Part of its effectiveness is the knowledge that each person needs to be treated as the unique individual they are. 

In my programs, you learn how to observe your body and symptoms so that you can implement the lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise guidance that is most appropriate for YOU. 

4 Available Programs

Brief overviews below, see the Store page for more details.

Immune Support: Create Resilience and Calm in Your Mind and Body

Are you feeling fearful and unsettled right now? Would you like to experience time-tested practices that increase physical and mental health? Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on prevention. This program provides over 5 hours of content filled with self-care tools for keeping mental relaxation and calm during this time. As well, it provides insights into foods, movement, and breathing exercises that historically have been used in Chinese Medicine to support immunity. This program includes hypnosis/guided meditations to assist in emotional  calm as well as to support health hygiene habits and sleep. This program was created in response to the current global health situation. For a more complete experience on creating health, I suggest my Wellness Well Program below! Wellness Well has all of this content plus so much more!

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Fill Your Wellness Well! 

Do you do "healthy" things yet still feel low energy? Do you wonder how you can begin to create a healthier life? Do you experience stress and anxiety and want to learn how to create calm and ease instantly anytime? Welcome to Filling Your Wellness Well! Create more health and vitality now! This program includes all the information from the Immune Support Program PLUS many additional resources: 3 more hypnosis/guided imagery tools, details about how to observe your tongue, lifestyle guidance, nutritional guidance, and qi gong practices.  You will learn to look at yourself through new eyes! The program is fun, easy to follow, practical, actionable, and accessible to anyone of any age! It is a toolkit on how to create more balance and alignment in your physical and emotional body so that your Wellness Well is deep and full! 

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CREATING FERTILITY! A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Fertility For BOTH Women & Men

Chinese Medicine has a very rich tradition of women's health; from its beginnings over 2,000 years ago, women were observed as the unique beings they were. This very comprehensive program teaches both women and men how to observe themselves to then know which lifestyle, food, exercise, and other actions would support their fertility. There are not many (or any) other programs that talk about how to fully support men's fertility. With fertility, the process is 50% the woman and 50% the man and this program helps you BOTH take actions to create better fertility!

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Cycle Well! A Reproductive Health Program for Women

This information is the female parts of Creating Fertility. It is appropriate for women who are pursuing fertility treatments without a male partner and for women who wish to regulate their menstrual cycles naturally. 

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*COMING SOON!* Watering Your Seed: Chinese Medicine Self-Care During Pregnancy!

This program will cover Chinese Medicine's self-care recommendations per trimester and month and by month. 


*Coming Soon!* Re-Creating Your Well with Postpartum Care!

Tools to re-create your physical body, energy, and emotional health during the postparum time! 

Coming Soon!

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